Want to speed up developer onboarding?
Walkthrough makes it easy to write congnitively efficient how-tos for your developers.
Steps from start to finish

Why Walkthrough?

Reduce the perceived complexity in learning new stuff.

Break It Down

Developers find it hard to follow long tutorials. Walkthrough break them down into small logical steps for better comprehension .

Connect The Dots

Create orchestrated tours of your APIs, libraries, code snippets, screenshots, videos, podcasts etc. to walk developers through in right order to build muscle memory .

Speed up Onboarding

Give your developers maximum value in shortest time. Create hands on walkthroughs of platform flows targetted to your developers's needs.

Make It Fun

Docs/pdfs feel too static and boring. With walkthrough, you can create interactive experiences with videos, gifs, images, podcasts, quizes.


Built to easily create codelabs, tutorials, onboarding documents, workshop material for customers and more.

Easy To Write

A minimalistic WYSIWYG block editor to easily create rich and interactive walkthroughs.

Hosted In Cloud

All your documents and attachments are hosted in cloud. No setup required.

Security & Access Control

No messy .doc or .pdf sharing. Share your walkthroughs securely and privately to your internal or external customers.

Codelabs And Blogs

Share your walkthroughs publicly as SEO optimized codelabs, tutorials and blogs.


Customizable look and feel to showcase your brand and create lasting impression

Own Your Content

Automatic Backup into your own Github Repository in clean JSON format.


Efficient onboarding means doing more with less.



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Everything in Personal Plan plus
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Nilesh Mahajan


I am Nilesh, creator of Walkthrough.so

I have 13+ years of experience as a Software Engineer. For the last 5+ years, I worked on builing massively scalable data and realtime logistics platforms/APIs at Uber Engineering. From my past experiences of building platforms, I realized the pain and inefficiencies of onboarding customers to platforms. This motivated me to create Walkthrough.so - a tool to create better onboarding and integration documentation.

If you have feedback please reach me out at [email protected] or find me on Twitter


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