Shine the spotlight
Demonstrate the power of your product with hands-on labs, how-to guides
break it down
Step by step
Create a structured training program to break down learning curve
Multi Modal
Stitch together different forms of content - text, code, pdfs, image, audio, video etc so that you can explain things better.
Track the usage and build a feedback loop for improving the program
A training structure widely used by best tech companies
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How does walkthrough help?
Walkthrough is an LMS for your customers
A notion like WYSIWYG editor with 10+ third party integrations makes it extremely easy to create and keep you content upto date.
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With public/private sharing, built-in SEO optimizations, custom subdomain and landing page, Walkthrough makes it very easy for your readers to discover your content.
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With our privacy friendly analytics, you can get insights into how readers are discovering and engaging with your content.
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With one central dashboard and automatic github versioning you can manage your walkthroughts with no pain.
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Walkthrough is a painless way to create Google Codelab style tutorials
Chris Byrne
CEO of Sensorpro
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Key features
You can focus on content. We take care of everything else.
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Easy to write
A minimalistic WYSIWYG block editor to easily create rich and interactive walkthroughs.
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Hosted in cloud
All your documents and attachments are hosted in cloud and served via CDN.
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Codelabs and blogs
Share your walkthroughs publicly as SEO optimized codelabs, tutorials and blogs.
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Security & access control
No messy .doc/.ppt sharing. Share your walkthroughs privately or publicly with ease.
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Customizable look and feel to showcase your brand logo and colors to create lasting impression
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Own your content
Automatically backup your walkthroughs into your own Github repository in JSON format.
Frequently Asked Questions
You can focus on content. We take care of everything else.

Wallthrough supports both ways of custom subdomains. You can point or to the landing page with all of your walkthroughs

All public walkthroughs are SEO optimised with Server Side Rendering. All images are put behind CDN to improve page loading speed.

Private walkthrough enables you to share your walkthroughs only with your specific users or users from a specific company.

Still have a questions?
if you can not find answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will answer to you shortly!
Pricing plans
Pricing that suits your needs
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For you
No credit card required
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Upto 10 public walkthroughs
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WYSIYG editor
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Aggregate Metrics
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SEO Optimizations
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For your Team
$10/mo per user
Everything in free plan and more
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Unlimited walkthroughs
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Custom subdomain
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Custom branding and styling
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Team collaboration
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Detailed insights
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Github backup
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