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Meta ID comes as a mobile app (or Dapp) and has access to a local private certificate generated for a citizen of Meta. This app can also share documents which are signed by an authority of Meta, which will is an incentive for nodes to pin (store locally) those distributed files (given their hardware requirements).
Those documents will be cached by the Dapp, but generally their copies are stored by the nodes. In addition Meta offers a key/value database, where Dapp can backup their settings and retrieve those as required.
Those assumptions allows us to conclude that Dapp comes with private document and database storage, which is automatically replicated and synced between various instances of Dapp.

That crucial document

One document is required for an app user to be considered a "citizen" of meta country. This document can be issued by a Validator. User will keep this document securely encrypted in their app. In addition to a scanned document, all document fields are stored in multiple records:
  • Full document version
  • Name and Surname only, with ability to give proof of valid ID.
  • PK (personal code) only, with ability to give proof of valid ID.

Meta ID

MetaID is unique code given to a citizen, which authenticity can be proven. Once issued this code cannot be changed. If new identity document is given to a user, it is allocated to existing MetaID.

Any assets within the country (company ownership, accounts within databases) will be linked Meta ID and will not include any other personal information.
Such Meta ID is given to all citizens and Dapp can individually provide a proof that MetaID is associated with a valid ID backed by a validator. Whoever requests the proof cannot actually verify the real identity of AnonymousMetaID holder. They can be sure, however, that only one such code can be traced to a citizen at any given time.


  • Anyone can become citizen of Meta country by having their identity validated
  • Every Meta citizen have Meta ID
  • In the future we may support ability to transfer assets from one MetaID to another, but not yet.